Reflective Blog 11

This week we learnt that although change is inevitable, we should see it as an opportunity. Technology is changing everyday, and we are seeing items that use to perform one task, start to perform many. In our lecture this week they raised this idea in relation to lamp-posts. It was mentioned that today we are... Continue Reading →


Reflective Blog 10

This week we learnt how storytelling is an important part of the creative process. It’s all well and good to develop a great idea, however if you aren’t able to sell and gain the support of others for your idea, your idea will probably remain nothing more than a concept that couldn’t be put into... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 9

This week we were taught how play and playfulness could be important to creativity and innovation. At the start of class we were asked what sort of games we played when we were younger. At first I thought it was weird to discuss the games I played when I was younger, however it was interesting... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 8

This week we were given examples of where creativity has been used to reach and engage with a large number of people and make a change to behaviour. I found this week quite interesting in that I was able to see creativity in a form where it was beneficial to individuals who do not receive... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 7

This week we looked at what made businesses innovative. For me personally I find that businesses define innovation as the implementation of new ideas, the creating of dynamic products or improving their existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of a business, and can help businesses adapt and grow in... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 6

This week’s focus was looking at creativity and innovation in practice, specifically when it came to creativity at the interface of two disciplines. Cross-disciplinary collaborations are said to have become increasingly important as they are seen as key if we are to find solutions to pressing, global-scale societal challenges. Having individuals from two different disciplines... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 5

This week in class we gained an insight into another problem solving method being the TRIZ Method. The TRIZ Method from my own understanding is an innovative way of looking at problems and solutions and is a method that forces individuals to look at problems differently. TRIZ encourages people not to be satisfied too quickly... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 4

This week we looked at the ways in which ideas could be generated. Up until now I have always relied on mind maps to help myself generate ideas. After learning about the technique of using word associations and using the method of SCAMPER this week however, I have been able to generate more ideas and... Continue Reading →

Reflective Blog 3

When I look at my own thinking patterns, I find myself thinking in one frame of mind. Rather than thinking in a way that approaches ideas and concepts from different angles, I find myself thinking in a way where I don’t consider the factors, or ways of thinking that could ultimately change my opinion on... Continue Reading →

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