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Creativity and Innovation.

In looking at both of the above words I find myself thinking, do I really know and understand the meaning behind what both these words represent. After researching online to find definitions for both these terms, I have found that creativity can be understood as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something, where as innovation can be understood as the action or process of innovating.

Personally I feel that creativity is something that involves an individual being artistic, original, different, interesting and exploratory. To be creative I find that it helps to draw inspiration from other individuals in that they can both help and shape your own ideas.

Looking at myself as an individual, I would have to say that I would think of myself as being the creative type. From a young age I have always loved creating and inventing new things. I have always loved the fact that through art you can explore and re-invent your own ideas and that you can portray your emotions through a variety of different art forms. Whilst creating art and thinking creatively can get quite personal, I believe that by sharing your creations and ideas, it allows for a more creative and inspired world. Why? Well by sharing your ideas and creations, it can allow others to think, become inspired, think outside of the box, examine their own thoughts and become more creative in their own lives.

Photography is currently my main creative outlet when it comes to wanting to create and express my own ideas. When I find myself needing to think creatively, I draw on the ideas and work of other photographers. By doing so I can generate and think of new and improved ways to create and photograph certain things. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr are just a couple of my favourite sites to use when I want to draw inspiration from other individuals work. When I look at the innovative work of others I try to analyse and decipher a meaning from what they have created, whilst also trying to find a purpose for why they may have created what they have. By doing this it allows me to understand more about an innovative piece, whilst at the same time it makes me think about what an individual is trying portray through the different techniques they may have used. Through looking at innovative works with this approach I find myself thinking more creatively as I form my own opinions on the meaning of a work, whilst at the same time I develop more ideas on how I can represent certain emotions or concepts to others.

To be creative and innovative I feel as though you need do be passionate or inspired by a certain interest. However to first develop this passion or interest one first must be inspired and find a source for which the inspiration originates from. For me my passion for photography began when I was looking at images online of beautiful and scenic landscapes of a holiday destination I was soon going to be traveling to. I wanted to capture the scenes I saw on my screen in real life so I could capture my own memories of a place in my own personal way. Again I imply the idea that creativity is something that is generated on the sharing of ideas and innovative works, for the works and ideas of others serve as the building blocks for idea generation and inspiration within other individuals.

Being creative and innovative is something I really enjoy doing. Looking deeper into what both these words mean, I realize a lot goes into the creative process, whilst at the same time I realize that there are many influences and factors that can and have affected my own and others individuals creative and innovative thoughts. Looking at my own creative outlet being photography, I remind myself why I first started taking more professional photos and remind myself of the main purpose I have to be taking images. Having researched the words creativity and innovation, and then looking at both words in terms of my own reflections, I feel as though I have gained a greater understanding for not only the words themselves but a greater understanding for why and how I’ve grown to become a creative and innovative individual.

Thanks for reading,
Emily 🙂


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