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A variety of factors can get in the way of an individual being creative. Such factors include an individual procrastinating, being fearful of their own ideas, and lacking in confidence. Other factors may also include the fear of being judged, ridiculed or discouraged. Personally I find that such factors have over time had an influence on my own creative ideas by making me less inclined to share and innovate my own ideas and thoughts.

Thinking about what has made me less creative, I find myself remembering times when I have felt scared to share my own ideas due to the opinions others may have had on what I was thinking or wanted to innovate. Over time I’ve felt as though I have somewhat outgrown this fear of caring about the opinions of others, however in being creative I feel as though you still do require some form of support from others in order to innovate your ideas. For example, when I am thinking of ideas for my photography projects at uni, I run my ideas by family, close friends and individuals within my photography class itself. If the feedback I get from those individuals is mostly negative I am normally less inclined to instigate my idea, whereas if the feedback I get is mostly positive I am usually more inclined to continue exploring my idea further. Although the opinions of others may not have such an influence over my creative thought process now, I still feel that without support, individuals are more likely to cut off a creative innovation due to them thinking it is not worthy enough of further exploration.

Another factor that gets in the way of my own creative process is procrastination. To be creative I find that I need my attention to be purely on the task at hand rather than a series of different external factors. When I am made to think creatively and I have other things on my mind, I find my ideas are not as strong and clear as what they could be compared to when I can focus purely on thinking creatively on its own. Personally I find that I am more creative when I am in a positive and energised mood. When I am in this mood I find that my ideas flow easier and are more creative in terms of the fact that I allow for all my ideas to flow onto the page rather than thinking that some of the ideas I envision are stupid and pointless. I feel it is important that when I need to think creatively, or when I want to think creatively, that I consider the factors that affect my thinking so that I can optimise my idea generations.

When I feel most creative, I find that if I am in an environment that is scenic or awe inspiring, I am usually thinking of deep or random thoughts, whereas if I am in an environment that is quite distracting or disturbing, I am usually thinking of nothing but the happenings that are going on around me. An example from one of my own experiences would be when I am out and about shopping or running errands somewhere like in the city. Here I find myself thinking about the task at hand and not anything else besides the happenings around me. Whereas when I am relaxing or hanging out with a few friends at the beach, I find that I am thinking of a variety of different things, which can have no relevance to the time and place of which I am currently situated in.

Looking at how I can reduce the negative factors to which influence my creative thinking, I first need to understand what factors have a major influence on me creatively thinking. Already I have recognised that procrastination and the opinions of others can have an influence on my thought process. To reduce the influence procrastination, I can place myself in an environment that will let me focus purely on thinking itself, so I can avoid myself from getting distracted by other external influences. To reduce the impact others opinions may have on my creative output, I can surround myself with people who have my best interest at heart and are usually supportive of any ideas I make. By taking such approaches to reduce these particular factors that affect me, I will be able to think more creatively, therefore allowing me to grow more as an individual.

Creativity is something that requires room to grow and shape. I feel as though it is important to recognise the factors that may affect your creative thinking, as by doing so you can implement strategies to reduce the affects such factors have on your creative thinking process. I feel as though by looking at the different factors that affect individuals, I have been able to recognise factors that affect me personally, and have been able to think of new ways to reduce the impacts those influences have had upon me.

Thanks for reading,
Emily 🙂


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