Reflective Blog 3

When I look at my own thinking patterns, I find myself thinking in one frame of mind. Rather than thinking in a way that approaches ideas and concepts from different angles, I find myself thinking in a way where I don’t consider the factors, or ways of thinking that could ultimately change my opinion on a certain concept or idea. After looking at Edward de Bono’s concept of the six thinking hats this week, I have found a new way to apply my thoughts when thinking about certain concepts or ideas.

I decided to take the six thinking hat strategy and apply it to something within my own life being myself “playing a game of netball”. Written below is what I thought in terms to this idea of playing netball in relation to some of the different ways of thinking outlined by de Bono.

Red Hat: Emotions (Feeling and Intuition)
– Energised
– Stressed
– Happy
– Competitive
– Pumped

White Hat: Data Analysis (Information Aspect)
– The team you are playing against
– The position each person on your team plays
– The rules of the game
– The current score of the game (who is winning?)
– Skill level of your team, and the team you are playing

Black Hat: Judges (Caution, risk assessment, critical, evaluation)
– Can loose the game
– Make a mistake and let the team down
– Hurt yourself or someone else
– Make enemies with other teams
– Have to purchase equipment and uniform
– Umpires could make wrong calls costing your team

Green Hat: Creative (New Ideas, Possibilities, Alternatives)
– Make money by providing entertainment or by showing a sponsor on your uniform or play equipment
– Make friends or new team mates from playing and socialising with the people you play against
– Learn and/or develop skills for other sports
– Develop new interests for other sports from the things you learn from others

Yellow Hat: Logical Positive (Benefits and Values)
– Getting exercise
– Being social
– Get out of the house
– Free food at ½ time
– Can win matches/games
– Learn new skills or ways to play the game
– More practice
– Be selected to play higher levels of competition

After looking at the concept of playing a game of netball in different ways, I found myself thinking about things I probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t applied de Bono’s different ways of thinking. I also found that personally, netball has a lot more positives than negatives when I compare my thinking between the yellow and black hat. I feel the benefits of playing netball strongly out way the risks and cautions that can be associated with it. However if someone else was to think about playing a game of netball, and didn’t have a passion for it like myself, the risks and cautionary concepts could strongly out way the benefits.

After using this strategy of thinking, I think it is important to note that everybody has their own views and opinions on a subject, so everyone’s opinions on an idea or concept will be different. However, by applying the six different hats to a particular concept, it makes others, and myself included, think in a more diverse and deeper manner, therefore allowing myself and other individuals to grasp the whole concept of an idea before we make a judgment.

Thanks for reading,
Emily 🙂


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