Reflective Blog 4

This week we looked at the ways in which ideas could be generated. Up until now I have always relied on mind maps to help myself generate ideas. After learning about the technique of using word associations and using the method of SCAMPER this week however, I have been able to generate more ideas and think in a more creative way.

First looking at word associations, one way to think about a certain topic more diversely is to relate a topic word to anything you feel may be associated with it. By doing this I can see that it makes an individual think more broadly allowing for a diverse range of ideas to be generated. Below is my example of creating word associations with the word sun.

– Natural
– Life
– Light
– Day
– Shine
– Happiness
– Sustainable
– Power
– Food
– Fuel
– Bright
– Illuminate
– Space
– Solar

Mind Maps, I feel are one of my favourite ways to generate ideas. They allow for multiple thought processes and allow you to be as creative as you want. I decided to use the mind mapping method for one of my other units to help me generate ideas for a logo design. Pictured below is my mind map of my ideas.

my mind map

SCAMPER is another way in which ideas can be generated. The algorithm makes you think in specific yet diverse ways. Each letter of the word SCAMPER stands for a certain way of thinking about a topic or idea.

S – Substitute
C – Combine
A – Adapt
M – Magnify
P – Put to other uses
E – Eliminate
R – Rearrange/Reverse

Personally I prefer mind maps to this way of thinking as I feel that my ideas do not flow as well using this method, and my ideas are quite limited compared to that of using a mind map. Below is an example of the SCAMPER technique in relation to designing a new form of pen.

Substitute – replace nib with knife, ink with iron
Combine – holding with opening, writing with cutting
Adapt – use the pen top as a container
Modify – body can be made flexible
Put to other uses – utilize for writing on wood
Eliminate – clip utilizing Velcro
Rearrange – make the nib flow outwards

In all word associations, mind maps, and SCAMPER, are all great tools in generating ideas. They allow for individuals to think more broadly about a subject and allow for more innovative and creative ways of thinking to be developed.

Thanks for reading,
Emily 🙂



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