Reflective Blog 10

This week we learnt how storytelling is an important part of the creative process. It’s all well and good to develop a great idea, however if you aren’t able to sell and gain the support of others for your idea, your idea will probably remain nothing more than a concept that couldn’t be put into action. In class we were asked to develop and innovate a product that we would be able to sell to individuals of the public. In my group we developed an idea that transformed the everyday toilet into a toilet that analyses urine samples, and sends medical data to your mobile devise.

In selling any product to individuals, the art of story telling is required. To be able to sell and promote a product a narrative needs to be formed so that a connection can be made with the audience. With my group developing this new innovative product, we needed to think of many different aspects to sell the product including, the key benefits of the product, the problem the product solved, and what the product actually did.

In our pitch we started by describing the product and what it did. By doing this we were able to introduce our product to our audience and we were able to give a brief insight into what the product was all about. After this we described the problem that exists today and how our new innovated product would shape as a solution to this problem. In doing this we were able to show the importance of our product and why there is a need to purchase it. After this we discussed the key benefits of investing in our innovation. This allowed the audience to gain an understanding for what the product can do as well as demonstrate why it is something worth investing in. We then summed up our pitch with a one line caption that would make people remember the product in a playful way that left them feeling positive about the product we had innovated.

Although there is so much more that can be discussed and mentioned about the product we innovated, it was important that when we pitched our product that we kept our speech short and sweet, otherwise our audience could have easily lost interest, resulting in an unsuccessful pitch. In selling our idea, I definitely found that there was an art to storytelling, if it wasn’t done in the right way, ideas could easily be crushed. In promoting our product it reminded me of the show Shark Tank where individuals with new ideas present their innovations in front of a group of entrepreneurs trying to gain support and financial help to make their creations become a reality. From watching the show you can tell that story telling has a big affect on whether the entrepreneurs decide to invest in a particular innovation. If an idea isn’t pitched well it makes an innovation seem worthless and a waste of money. However when the pitch is well thought out and is explained clearly, products can seem to be more beneficial to individuals and more of a profitable option for the entrepreneurs.

To conclude storytelling is key in selling any idea or product. Without the support from others, ideas and products are likely to become a flop due to the lack of information and miscommunication surrounding them. In pitching an idea to a group of people, it is important that you connect with your audience, otherwise it can make individuals deter from your idea, making your pitch unsuccessful. The art of storytelling is quite hard to master, however from practicing and using certain storytelling methods in class this week, it enabled me and others to gain a better grasp on the art of selling and idea or product.

Thanks for reading,

Emily 🙂


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