Reflective Blog 11

This week we learnt that although change is inevitable, we should see it as an opportunity. Technology is changing everyday, and we are seeing items that use to perform one task, start to perform many. In our lecture this week they raised this idea in relation to lamp-posts. It was mentioned that today we are now seeing lamp-posts that not only emit light at night for individuals to be able to see in the dark, they now contain advanced technological devices such as embedded sensors, that collect and transmit information that can help cities monitor and respond to any circumstance, from traffic and air quality to crowds and noise.

This idea got my class thinking how technological items today that perform one simple task, could in the future start to perform many. We looked at this idea in relation to the drone. Currently a drone can perform the task of taking images and video at a bird’s eye view as well as being able to transfer small items from one destination to another. My class decided to explore and generate ideas for how the drone could change and improve in the future. Below is a list of what our ideas were:

  • Used as a mode of transport
  • Used for food delivery
  • Used to hold your personal belongings
  • Used to move heavy items
  • Used in construction work for places you cant reach
  • Used in house cleaning such as dusting
  • Used for sport, can throw balls to you at a required distance (e.g. Tennis)
  • Used to walk your dog
  • Used as a camera that flies around your house that you can control to see activity
  • Used as a security camera in public that can get a full 360 view

From these ideas alone it shows that there are so many possibilities for current pieces of technology in the future. The idea of change can be quite scary, especially for me personally, however, by taking ideas and objects that currently exist, and using them as an opportunity for development, it allows room for growth in society and it can allow existing issues to be solved, making life in general a lot easier.

Technology is forever changing, and people are constantly thinking of new ways to improve and solve issues. Change is something we cant avoid, therefore by taking it in our stride and by contributing to change in a positive way, we can make an encouraging difference to both our society and ourselves.

Thanks for reading,

Emily 🙂


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