Reflective Blog 5

This week in class we gained an insight into another problem solving method being the TRIZ Method.

The TRIZ Method from my own understanding is an innovative way of looking at problems and solutions and is a method that forces individuals to look at problems differently.

TRIZ encourages people not to be satisfied too quickly with the solutions to a problem, but to be always open to even better ideas. TRIZ also helps individuals define problems in terms of frequently used and general principles, which enables searching for solutions outside their primary field of expertise.

Personally I found that this method was quite confusing and hard to get a grasp on compared to the other problem solving methods I have learnt about thus far. I believe this may be because that up until undertaking this unit, I have always developed my ideas through more generalized and traditional problem solving methods such as brainstorming and mind mapping. Having been asked to try and use such a different method to what I have been accustomed to using, I found it quite challenging to generate ideas. On the positive side however, I did find that the ideas I generated were more thoughtful and more broad in that the method itself made me think in ways I wouldn’t have originally.

What shocked me the most in learning about this method was that there were 40 inventive principles. I felt that this was too many principles to account for at first, however after learning more about the method, and having tested the method myself, I found that it was quite sufficient and allowed for quite a broad coverage of ideas to be generated.

Below is one example of myself using a couple of the TRIZ principles to solve the problem of Airbags being inflated faster, while decreasing the adverse effects:

Principle 16 (Partial or Excessive Action) – Use smaller air bag with higher power, bags will inflate faster

Principle 21(Rushing Through) – Inflate the airbag faster than current airbags

Principle 40 (Composite Materials) – Make the airbag material resistant of damaging skin (e.g. cant scratch or cause material burn on skin)

To conclude, the TRIZ Method was quite impressive in how it made me look at solutions to problems differently. Personally I still find that problem solving methods such as mind mapping are a better option for myself to use, as I feel as though I can develop more ideas, and I am able to think in a way that is enjoyable.

Thanks for reading,

Emily 🙂



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