Reflective Blog 9

This week we were taught how play and playfulness could be important to creativity and innovation. At the start of class we were asked what sort of games we played when we were younger. At first I thought it was weird to discuss the games I played when I was younger, however it was interesting to find out what sort of games the peers of my class used to play. From the discussion, we had individuals mentioning games where they used furniture as stepping stones to avoid touching the floor because it was deemed to be lava, we had individuals using dolls and teddy bears as guests for tea parties, we had stories of individuals making up games where they would pretend to be fictional characters such as fairies or princesses, and we had stories of people pretending they were in the army and rolled around in the garden firing imaginary guns.

Although it was interesting to find out what my peers played when they were younger, the examples of games that were mentioned all demonstrated a similar quality, being imagination. Imagination is one of the major factors that influences creativity. Without imagination, individuals would not be able to imagine and innovate new ideas. Play is an early example of creativity in individuals, as it demonstrates individuals creating and imagining scenarios to cure their sense of boredom allowing for entertainment. Play not only provides entertainment it allows individuals to connect with others and share thoughts around a joyful activity.

Like play creativity in general allows individuals to imagine new scenarios in which can aid or benefit society. Creativity is also a tool that allows individuals to work together so that problems and ideas can receive broader input allowing for more diverse ideas to be created. Looking at how play and playfulness could be important to creativity and innovation, I wanted to look more into the examples of famous people that used play and playfulness in their everyday working lives. From what I found I was quite surprised by how many famous individuals used playfulness as a source for creativity. Such individuals included;

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Alexander Fleming
  • Richard Feynman
  • Jim Watson
  • Francis Crick
  • Andre Geim
  • Konstantin Novoselov
  • Salvador Dali

All these composers, artists and scientists mentioned are famous for their creativity, and were said to be remarkably playful. In being playful I find that there is a great sense of enjoyment, and with playfulness being a form of creative output I find that it allows individuals to develop new ways of thinking and doing in a entertaining matter. Personally I find that when I am in a positive mood, I think better and clearer, and by play being a form of entertainment it can allow individuals to think in more positive ways compared to that when they are forced to think in structured formats.

In conclusion play I feel is a great way to create new ideas and innovations. It allows you to imagine and develop your own way of thinking, and it allows for a positive creative experience in that it allows you to enjoy the creative process. Play and playfulness I believe is very important to creativity and innovation, and without it the creative process would be quite dull and boring.

Thanks for reading,

Emily 🙂


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